We already know that life on Earth evolved under constant and powerful magnetic field of the planet's core, more massive than the Moon itself.

What is it magnetic?

Earth's magnetic field affects us beneficial and healing, all-pervasive, easy to get to internal organs, nerves transmitting pain signals. Pulsed magnetic field with precisely specified parameters is only local amplification effect of the weakening of the magnetic earth to a certain place.

What happens?

In tissues, there is an increase of cell membrane potential, leading to their activation. The magnetic field alters the dynamics of calcium, potassium, sodium and other ions penetrating cell walls. Due therapeutic pulse magnetic field with intracellular potentials are compared, and thereby creates conditions for tissue regeneration and physiological functions. But most often magnetic therapy helps ease the pain of long-term untreated or neglected orthopedic and similar problems.

Is it safe?

All therapies are designed physician, based on the client's medical diagnosis. The magnetic field acts on the tissue evenly reaches the highest level in contact with the body, increasing distance field strength decreases. At therapeutic applications of pulsed magnetic field cannot be local electrical hazards.

How to use magnetic therapy?

Application is done through clothing, bandages and plaster. Lying down, sitting, watching TV, at the computer in the office... It is often used in sports medicine, is known for the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems in particular. In hospitals, medical centers, spas and retirement homes.

How long to apply magnetic therapy?

Overdose with low-frequency magnetic pulse is practically nonexistent, and even in the literature are reports of patient injury. Always at the beginning of the rehabilitation it is appropriate to use magnetic frequently, after the retreat of the main difficulties can gradually reduce the application.