• Patients with pacemakers - can cause malfunction of the pacemaker with fatal consequences. We do not recommend applying even to distant parts of the body, because there is no certainty that the patient is in motion (eg. Bent over) pacemaker comes close to the applicator.
  • When bleeding of any origin - from the digestive tract, rectum, coughing up blood, menses and the like. As magnetic intensifies blood circulation in the tissue and bleeding would be supported.
  • In vague chest pain, it is not possible to exclude myocardial infarction - magnetic therapy could result in affecting the heart rhythm to a cardiac arrest.
  • With increased thyroid function.


Do not apply magnetic therapy for persons who are or have been previously treated for cancer, at least 5 years after removal from the database of oncology. Do not apply preventively with epilepsy or other seizure disorders because it could not rule out an increased readiness to attack.

Yet in much post-traumatic epilepsy, which magnetic aids healing of the damaged brain tissue swells and acts, can be a significant therapeutic benefit.