Magnetic pulse has its stable place in the medical equipment medical centers, especially rehabilitation, spa facilities, skilled practitioners and specialists, but also children's hospitals and homes for the elderly.

FORTE is set of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy designed for home use


Abolito Forte


Medico Forte




The largest of applicators type bed, designed for whole body regeneration

Dimensions 550 × 1700 mm, Weight 5980 g

  • Home use
  • Use in medicine



The best applicator to treat diseases of the joints, whiplash, headaches, toothaches, tinnitus, some neurological problems etc. Thanks to homogeneous magnetic field in a hollow coil regenerates the entire thickness of the tissue at the injection site.

Round shape, weight 1330 g, diameter 260 mm

  • Home use
  • Use in medicine



VIERA applicator is a larger version of the circular CAVO. It is designed primarily to professional spa and rehabilitation centers, clinics and physiotherapists, ultimately, into homes and care centers for the elderly or disabled, which provides its clients with health care.

This applicator its size allows you to place the patient in a homogeneous pulse magnetic field that penetrates the entire thickness uniformly treated tissue. Its regenerative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects can manifest itself fully with arthrosis such as knee and hip joints, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain of various origin, osteoporosis and the many other diseases. Especially for osteoporosis, which a thinning of bone tissue in the neck of the hip joint and lumbar vertebrae, the use of magnetic therapy of this applicator is very important.

Shape: round, diameter 650 mm, weight 9.2 kg

  • Home use
  • Use in medicine



The applicator of the "bed" medium size. Suitable for application to the whole area of the spine, including the buttocks and head excellently apply also in the therapy of diseases of the lower extremities (especially in diabetes) and their joints.

Leaf shape, 4 parts, weight 2275 g, dimensions: 310 × 1010 mm

  • Home use
  • Use in medicine



Small applicator designed for the targeted application - eg. The ears, teeth, neck, small joints, regeneration of internal organs (liver, stomach, uterus, prostate, etc.)

Leaf shape, weight 455 g, dimensions: 170 × 210 mm

  • Home use
  • Use in medicine



Duo Forte

  • pulse generator for low-frequency magnetic pulse (NPMP)
  • LCD graphic display
  • More than 100 special programs
  • Analgesic programs
  • Recovery Programs
  • Two independent output channels - allows you to run two different ongoing treatments
  • Regulated optimal frequency (in the range 2-72 Hz)
  • Easy to Use
  • Ergonomic design